You just missed the Fourth Annual

2018 Marquee

James Joyce’s spectacular literature came to vibrant life once again in this evening of live readings, music, film, multimedia artwork, conversation and general good times. With a healthy sampling of presentations and performances by Santa Fe’s extraordinary community of artists, entertainers and intellectuals, the show started at 7:30, but those who came early enjoyed live music, refreshments, and all around fine company.

Santa Fe’s Center for Contemporary Arts Cinematheque provided the setting for this year’s Bloomsday celebration, featuring music by Westin McDowell and Steven Paxton, artwork by Carla Cooper and Deco Freeman, and yet another installment in JoyceGeek’s DON’T PANIC: it’s only Finnegans Wake short film series.

But as always, the evening’s biggest star was Joyce’s great literature. Readers included Lynn Goodwin, Daniel Bohnhorst, Scott Harrison, Grant Franks, Martha Franks, Kirste Plunkett, Max Walukas, Scott Plunkett, Dylan Marshall, Mary Woods, Rod Harrison, and hosted by the JoyceGeek himself, Adam Harvey.

I suppose I shouldn’t assume.
Never heard of Bloomsday? Read all about it here.

2 comments on “You just missed the Fourth Annual

  1. Janette Fischer says:

    I just got home from Bloomsday in Santa Fe 2017! Thank you for the most entertaining evening I’ve had since being in Dublin!

  2. […] been celebrating “Bloomsday” for decades. We discuss the novel, its impact, and the upcoming Bloomsday celebration in Santa Fe, with Adam Harvey actor, performer, and James Joyce geek; Grant Franks Tutor at St. John’s […]

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