What’s a JoyceGeek?

An Invitation

More than just a bunch of white people

We JoyceGeeks are a highly productive breed. Some of us are quite public about our enthusiasm – Joseph Campbell, Mike Watt, Thornton Wilder, John Cage, Brie Larson – announcing to the world our devotion to James Joyce’s untamed and multivalent language at nearly every turn. Others have been more private about it – Samuel Beckett, Richard Linklater, Stanley Kubrick, John Lennon – revealing our geekiness in more subliminal ways by allowing only the subtlest references to the master to ‘wink through’ our art.

But make no mistake; we are legion, and our influence on the art world has been indelible.

And yet we have always run the risk of being labeled by critics and even scholars as lunatics – especially those of us who read Finnegans Wake. Granted, some of us actually are lunatics, but proper art must sometimes dance on the edges of sanity and even cross its boundaries in order to retrieve substantive and lasting treasure.

So join the party and start changing the world.

And JoyceGeek is also a website.

Regardless of your experience level with Joyce, if you click around, you might find one or two useful resources. The thunderword video-series in particular has gotten quite a lot of positive attention, as has the the blog, which ranges in topic from close readings of Joyce’s texts to examinations of Joyce’s influence on our culture today.

And (shifting to the first person singular), while no doubt you are here to read about Joyce, you can also read all about me. There’s my one man show (hopefully coming soon to a theater near you), there’s my Joyce reading group (which you’ll need to come to my hometown to participate in), and then there’s all that other stuff I do.

But at a bare minimum, all you really need to know is that I read Joyce, and am thrilled to share what I know with anyone who asks. Have fun exploring.

6 comments on “What’s a JoyceGeek?

  1. Wish I could have been present at your NY performance.
    all the best,

  2. Giovanna Livreri Frisella says:

    I’m geek.

  3. ejp says:

    Never not well read, dear …

  4. john burciaga says:

    Simon I did not know but he should be here still. When will we see him again? He lived not too long. Tell me more.

  5. john burciaga says:

    Next Wake…? Who’ll sing the Ballad…Or hold yer gob…

  6. Ernst Pattynama says:

    I very, very much enjoyed your thunderword series!

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