JoyceGroup Santa Fe

The Joyce experience is especially rewarding in a reading group environment. Everybody’s knowledge, no matter how specialized or obscure, is invariably brought to bear during discussion. Active and inquisitive participation from “beginners” has always been an essential part of the group’s success.

Over the years, JoyceGroup Santa Fe has made it’s way through all of Joyce’s major works at least twice, except Finnegans Wake of course, which after 18 years, we’re a little past the book’s midpoint. Right now, we’re spending the first hour on Ulysses and the second hour on Finnegan. You can read more about our history here, and you can get an idea of the pace we work at by viewing our chronology.

Every manner of reader – from newcomer to veteran, from latecomer to early-leaver, from the timid to the talkative – is welcome and encouraged to join us as often or sporadically as he or she likes. Everyone – no matter how green – is brought up to speed, and for the truly unprepared, extra copies of whatever books we’re reading are available.

So enough excuses – come on down.

JoyceGroup Santa Fe meets pretty much every Saturday – holidays included. If you’re at all interested in coming, you can check here to confirm that it it is indeed happening – we always keep this page updated.

Next meeting: Saturday, February 24th, 2018, 10:00 am – 1:00 p.m.

Place: St. John’s College – 1160 Camino de Cruz Blanca
Winiarski Seminar Building – room #201.

How to get there:

click map to enlarge

First, find the St. John’s campus – quite easy with GoogleMaps, and there are road signs all over town to point you there.

Once you’ve entered the campus, look for the visitors’ parking lot on the left-hand side. There should be tons of spots there, as Saturday mornings are pretty quiet at St. John’s. (Occasionally the college will host a Saturday event which fills this lot up – very rare, but it can happen – in which case you can parallel park along Cruz Blanca.)

From the visitor lot, a little trail passing through a nearby gazebo will take you down to the sidewalk on the other side of the main road.

Follow that until you reach the first driveway on the right, and walk up said driveway through the staff parking lot. On the other side of the staff lot is a nice sidewalk which, if you follow it to the right, will take you straight to the front door of the Winiarski Seminar Building. Room 201 is to the right as you enter.

(NOTE: There are two designated “handicapped” spots in the staff lot which anyone with a permit can use. Additionally, our reading group has been allotted the two adjacent spots designated for “security,” which doesn’t come in on Saturdays. If you don’t have a handicapped permit but still need to park close-by, or if the handicapped spots are full, just let us know and we’ll give you a little card to put on your dashboard.)

The Books and where we’ll be opening them to:

1922 edition p. 518, top of page
1961 edition p. 555, top of page
1986 edition p. 452, line 3499
(turns to the piano) Which of you was playing the dead march from Saul?”

Finnegans Wake
p. 361, bottom of page:
“The all of them, the sowriegueuxers, blottyeyed boys, in that pig’s village smoke, a sixdigitarian legion on druid circle, the Clandibblon clam cartel, then pulled out and came off and rally agreed them…”

If you’re interested in coming, please do let us know. We’ve never had to turn anyone away for want of room, but a bit of foreknowledge never hurts – especially if we need to get extra chairs. The table does sometimes fill up.